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Principal of St Mary's Preparatory Anthony Taylor teaching the grade six class.

St Mary's Prep A Beacon Of Excellence In St Jame

St Mary's Preparatory and Kindergarten School is fast becoming one of the most sought after educational institutions of its kind in western Jamaica. "Our performance over the years and our Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) results over the past five years speak volumes. We have more than 90 per cent of our students being placed at traditional high schools with averages ranging from 90 to 98 per cent," said Principal Anthony Taylor.

The institution, which was born out of the demise of St Mary's College in 2008, is nestled in the flatlands of Montpelier in the southern end of St James, and has, over the past five years, plucked itself from obscurity and into the limelight...

Special "Thank You" to our benefactor

The 'Hart' of St Mary's Prep School

Head girl at St Mary's Preparatory School Tayna-Lee Ramsay (left) converses with Mark Hart (second left), and Antony Hart (third left), benefactor, as they presented books to her school's library in the presence of her fellow students.

MONTEGO BAY, St James - The 380 students at St Mary's Preparatory School in Montpelier, St James now have a much-improved library with last week's presentation of books by long-time benefactor, businessman Antony Hart. Hart accompanied by his son, Mark, Executive Chairman of Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited, donated hundreds of story books to the institution, operated by the Anglican Church since 1987.

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Meet Our Teachers

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Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Ms. Cavine Cope
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Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Mrs. S. Little-Bingham
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Kindergarten 3 Teacher

Ms. Shanique Beckford
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Kindergarten 3 Assis. Teacher

Ms. Sonia Clayton
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Music Teacher

Mr. Barrett
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Grade 1J Teacher

Ms. Chudien Johnson
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Grade 1M Teacher

Ms. Shanique Mckenzie
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Grade 2B Teacher

Ms. Sade Berry
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Grade 2H Teacher

Ms. Demeisha Henry
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Grade 3L Teacher

Ms. Shanique Leslie
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Grade 3E Teacher

Ms. H. Edwards
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Grade 4T Teacher

Ms. Alexia Tomlinson
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Grade 5J Teacher

Ms. Patrica jones
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Grade 5B Teacher

Ms. Chantal Beckford
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Grade 4G Teacher

Ms. Melessa Gordon
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Grade 6T Teacher

Dr. Anthony Taylor
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Meet Our Principal and Vice Principal

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Dr. Anthony Taylor
“As the Principal of this great institution, I strongly believe in education, discipline and cultural awareness. As such, this institution is guided by our mission statement...
Hard work leads to success
Vice Principal
Ms. Melessa Gordon
“Education is the foundation of development. It is of uttermost importance that keen emphasis is placed on children learning. At St. Mary's Prep. we focus our energy...
Set goals and aim for them
Outstanding Parent, Teacher and Student

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Outstanding Parent

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Outstanding Teacher

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Outstanding Student

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